Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spaceman 4 Hire

  As some of you know I have recently had the pleasure of


relocating….again.  About a week ago my roommate and I came home to a court order stapled to the door.  In this document it stated that my landlord had failed to pay her mortgage in over a year, and so the bank was foreclosing on the property.  With a little more investigation we came to the conclusion that several court dates were missed on her behalf to work out a subsequent deal to keep the property.  We were basically “up a creek” and had 5 days to vacate.

This unfortunate incident left me facing some major decisions.  I could either stay in the Seattle area and be homeless and yet employed. Or I could move to Spokane, have a roof over my head, and be unemployed.  Obviously I chose the latter, and I am so happy I did.  You can never truly understand the love and support that  friends can offer for one another until there is need.

I now spend my days slinging my resume across the internet, endlessly searching for that next job opportunity.  With the help of Nicole (who is in the know), I have tracked down every distributor and brewery in the area.  Unfortunately the opportunities in the adult beverage industry are lacking as of late.  So I will bide my time and look elsewhere until opportunities arise.  Unfortunately being the winter season I feel that “Pirate” may not be a wise decision.  I guess I’ll have to aim a little higher…